And the character says, Remember me?

I woke this morning thinking about favorite fictional characters, whether in books or movies or TV or any other media. The characters that first popped into mind for me ranged from crushes to heroes to soulmates. I’m beginning my list, as they first came to mind, and might keep adding if I remember more.

I’d be curious to hear what characters have influenced or remained with you!

Aragorn (LOTR)
Eowyn (LOTR)
Jack (Lost)
Shep (The Hoax)
Stephen Dedalus (Portrait of the Artist …)
Quentin (The Sound and the Fury/Absalom! Absalom!)
Alyosha (Brothers Karamazov)
Ged (Wizard of Earthsea trilogy)
Charlotte (Lost)
Baltasar (The Campaign)
Orphan Huerta (Christopher Unborn)
Nayeli (Into the Beautiful North)


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