My novel Beside the Darker Shore is due out this June. Arturo and Stephen are getting antsy waiting. They’d like to say hello via a short scene.

Stephen is a human blood prostitute in love with Boston’s human governor David Gedden. He wants the vampire Arturo to change David into a vampire so he can satisfy his lust for bloodletting with the man he loves. In this scene they’ve just abandoned David in a vampire club at the mercy of hungry vampires. (For reference, Alec is founder of Boston’s peaceful community of vampires.)


Arturo spotted Stephen beside the black traffic light, waiting to cross back to Alec’s splendid new vampire park. He met up with him before the light changed. He could feel Stephen’s heat already, five feet away, two feet. His breathing heavy and molten right through his chest.

Arturo pressed him against the light post, swept back the black satin hair, and placed a hand on Stephen’s burning forehead. “What do you want from him?” With his thumbs, he gently closed Stephen’s eyelids, closed those warm and frightened eyes.

“You know what I need.”

Frustrated, Arturo let him go. “I can’t make him a vampire if he won’t acquiesce.”

“I can’t have him any other way. If he won’t take your blood, then he’s useless to me. They’re not figuring out how to reverse immortality. That Elena, she just wants more immunity.”

Arturo studied Stephen, then checked back at the club entrance.

“So, do I rescue him?”

Stephen started across the street. “I’ll be at the park. I don’t need to watch the asshole fall in love with you.”

Arturo laughed delighted, and called after Stephen, “Can you blame him, mi bello?”


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  1. I am intrigued! Well done on the publication, and best of luck with all the promotion stuff. I’ve got this blog on my “daily blog circuit”, and found the entries so far delightful.

    • Thank you, Nadia! I didn’t realize. I’m not quite sure how to use wordpress yet. I just found the place where I can view subscriptions and see your blog, lol. There might be a more efficient way … I’m learning as I go!

      Also learning about promotion as I go. Phew. 🙂

  2. Well done, and good luck! Oh, and just a tip – your “about me” page still has the wordpress message on it. You might wanna fill it in so readers can know who you are and what books you’ve got out there!

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